Steel Magnolias - Steel Magnolias LP (Pacificity Soundvisions)

Eva Van Doren from Orphan Fairytale, and CB cenobite (Charles) met together in Pacific City with a set of Orchestral Steel Drums. No, this is not 80's retro freedom, it is a tale of Bambi lost in an Aquarium looking for her mother and finding the world's beauty. This full length lp was designed to function like the "Its a Small World" ride at Disneyland, featuring the hypnotic fading in and out of one's soundtrack through the aquarium. A christmass record.



For true Pacificity Heads, like BlackJoker playing the sequel to Piper Maru, music accompanying a story by Charles about an African Shaman's startling revelation that Hollywood is aware of the Reptoid Overlord Rulers of Africas Past. Pro Serpent in the Rainbow dark snake vibe….



Jan Anderzen visited Pacific City Sound Studios a year and a half ago. We worked on this music, which is in the traditional of "ALIEN WILDLFIE PARKS LOCATED UNDERNEATH THE LOS ANGELS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT". There is a space station vibe, with then an ethnic alien boombox vibe. We got together and decided to make ijsut choice sounds squaring off, so don't expect our layers to flood the system, this iis like Feng-Shui at the ZOO.

STATUS: In Tampere looking for the best Falafel spot


CurbDogs - Original SOundtrack One-Sided LP (Pacificity Soundvisions)

This is like Wicked-Witch jamming at a Skate Park in the early 80's. Some real Skate shit, Sf scene shredding. Just straight bootlegged and waiting to hear from Shay-Baby like whenevs. Lots of field recordings of little boggers trying to pump up their game…


TRADEWINDS - Original Soundtrack LP (Pacificity Soundvisions)

The first windsurfing movie of all time was directed by the best surf photographer of all time , Jack MCcoy. Charles somehow met this guy at a lounge on the big island. No Joke, the musical rights were handed over, and the wave sounds rip! A House band experimenting in different musical genres definitely laying down some hazy windswept watersplashed visuals. Theres deep rock visions, reggae , keyboard music... Comes with inner booklet of shots from the film and a story by jack himself.


Shredder Orpheus - Original Soundtrack LP (Pacificity Soundvisions)

Sci-Fi Skate flick from the early 90s about a Skater who Skates to Hell. Sundtrack by Roland Barker, keyboard player of Ministry, serious visual package comes with story by the director Robert McGinley and the sickest album cover since CurbDogs…CHA
STATUS: Being Mixed by Tony hawk Pro Skater FInalist


Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Make Mine, Macaw LP

The second album in the Romantic Audio Trilogy, the most visually splintered and imaginative of the three showcasing Charles long poem about the ability of nature to marry a couple within its own realm. You think you downloaded this one, your wrong, it was "Them", the cascading of poolwater amongst the veranda of a starstruck sky….
Status: twice rejected by labels, and waiting for the profits of Steel Magnolias

  FRANK DOMMERT - KIEFERMUSIK (Pacific City Sound Visions 12'LP)