This Half Dead cassette turned LP from 1987 sounds like a band improvising an exotic musique concrete Voodoo Ritual in the Catacombs underneath your headbrain. Vox Populi!, a super unique French band with ties to HNAS, Pacific 231, DDAA, etc, have been one of the msot undiscovered visionaries of the Euro experimental-industrial wave of the Mid to Late 80s. Very influential on early Skaters feel, the chanting uplifts and lasers thorugh your listening cortex to create full lucid hallucinations. I sprung this cassette on some Hippies in the mountains outside San Francisco. They came back from with buzz chanting filling their parents house and thought the world was ending. Perfect for late night trips, a must to listen to high for the first time





EYGPTIAN SPORTS NETWORK - INTERSTITIAL LUXOR 12' EP(45rpm) New Images 19/Pacific City Sound VIsions 18

New Satellite transmissions recorded in Pacific City Sound Visions Studio by Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Spencer Clark of Pacific City Sound Visions. This futuristic tale of a Zero Gravity Sports network's soundtrack being transmitted from the Olympic Space Station via Satellite feed, revealing an intuitive feel for the grace and immensity of space when brought into conjuction with the next advent in TRANSGLOBAL SPORTS NEWS Interstitial music. Five pieces of high energy portal from the difficult listening and metallic abstraction of "2042 Zero G Olypmics" to the Global Space Station Club Hit "JAI-LAi Nightclub". A modern soundtrack to a film such as Carl Sagan's "Cosmos", ESN combines the the tele-prompt madness of current Global Sports Network with that of the blissful repetitions of 70's Minimalism. Think SPORTSCENTER, but Intuit the the stream of your consciousness fed through satellites as it breaks through into the ether. "Like Christine Amanpour on Acid" , quoted from BBC ANALYST.

Available at the ripe price of 12E$PN bucks


Monopoly Child Star Searchers - The Garnet Toucan (UnderWater Peoples 12'")

The final record in the Romantic Audio Trilogy portends a transfer of the material drums language to the language of the ether alive. Tracks like "Champagne's Amazon Friend" continue the tropical air, with a new, Garnet keyboard color blast. Released by Underwater Peoples and available from Berlitz himself for a short time. From the artist 15 Monters



Inner Tube - Inner Tube (Pacific City Sound Visions 12")

Full Length slurpee slammer, never to be tested away from the beach! Contains a Blink 182 cover called "Faisal's Pad". Every track is accompanied by a tale of MACABE(psych) detailing the life and recording times of Charles Berlitz and Mark Mcguire. Inner Sleeve art of Mark Richards shredding a wave at the pinnacle moment of the classic 80's surf flick: "StormRiders". An album that Wire Magazine calls "Not good by any stretch of the Imagination!". An absolute Winner!. Comes with a giant poster of the guys pretending to smoke weed(CB don't smoke weed) in front of their favorite movies! Buy directly from the dealers, no middle earth. 15 Monters